Berlin - always exciting

Berlin is one of the best cities in Germany to explore german history in its international dimension.

You find the traces of political change everywhere in the today's city: in architecture and urban planning, in the demographic and economical situation, in everyday life, cultures and arts.

I can offer you a program of a guided tour aimed at your individual interests and needs and accompany you to unusual places for an unusually normal price. You have the choice between a general overview or a theme orientated exploration of the city.

Either by bus, limousine, public transport, taxi, by bicycle or to foot: You determine the form of transport. Wether for two hours or more, a day or a week, there are plenty of things to discover.

A visit to Potsdam is also worthwhile. This small city with its quaint historical city center also offers an array of beautiful parks and royal palaces that belong to the UNESCO world cultural heritage.
Excursions outside of Berlin are also on the agenda, for example a visit to the huge lift lock in Niederfinow, or to the royal palace in Rheinsberg or to the Spreeforest, a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

An insight into the extraordinary steer you towards the ideas behind the obvious.
Always competent and always witty.